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Lviv is the capital of gastronomic tourism in Ukraine. Perhaps nowhere else in Ukraine, you will find so many different cafes and restaurants with history and concepts that makes them famous throughout the country. But does Lviv, already overcrowded with restaurants, need another with a sign of uniqueness?

When we got acquainted with the restaurant "Uncle Sam", we answered: "Definitely YES"! This was the beginning of our long cooperation.


The restaurant "Uncle Sam" is a special place where cultures and tastes are combined. Their assortment includes craft liqueurs and bitters, signature cocktails with their use, a menu of fantastic burgers, many grilled and deep-fried snacks, plus signature alcoholic ice cream! "Uncle Sam" is loved not only for the menu but also for the author's approach and mixology, obsession with tastes, and the atmosphere of relaxation in the rhythm of Carpathian jazz.


The restaurant "Uncle Sam" contacted us with an already-formed idea of how they want to see their future unique and modern redesign of the logo and corporate identity. We immediately caught the idea and started to implement it.


With a clear vision and understanding of the goal, our team dove into the development of this brand. We had concrete requests from the client, but we wanted to create a new fresh identity. To make both the logo and corporate identity of "Uncle Sam" stylish and relevant even after 10 years.

Taking into account all the wishes of the client, we have developed a stylish design in an easy-to-understand style. We researched the industry, analyzed competitors, brainstormed and debated and created not just a corporate identity, but also a unique character the same Uncle Sam who appeared on the logo and in brand communication.

In addition to the character, who sunk into everyone's heart, we developed a logo, identity, corporate identity, menu design, posters, signage, large-scale door sticker, and labels for branded bottles.

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