The artificial isolation of Ukraine during the Soviet Union left a big mark on our food culture. Mothers and grandmothers have always preferred to buy vegetables, fruits, and meat on their own and prepare ready-to-eat meals. That is why the part of frozen semi-finished products in Ukraine in the overall food structure is small, unlike in most European countries, where the part of semi-finished products accounts for about 70% or even more.

In addition, 95% of all products on the Ukrainian semi-finished food market are represented by large national enterprises. People believe that such companies work for quantity, not quality. Therefore, they deliberately avoid them.

But what if we told you that semi-finished products bought in a store are as good as those made by yourself? They are also of high quality, tasty and healthy.


"IN SHOCK" is a convenience store with open production in Lviv. This is a place where everyone can easily buy tasty and easy-to-cook semi-finished products without any doubts about their quality and freshness. The secret is that semi-finished products are quickly frozen using the shock-freezing method. This method allows us to preserve the structure of the products, their original color, and taste, and prevent spoilage. In short, there are only advantages and benefits for customers.


To create a brand of high-quality semi-finished products that will have a clear position in the market and speak to its consumers on an emotional level.


After conducting market and competitor research, we understood that people need clarity and ease in understanding banal things. Such as the ingredients, manufacturing, and freezing methods of semi-finished products that are consumed almost every day. So we decided to do exactly that. To underline in the visual image and brand communication the company's innovative approach to manufacturing its own products, which guarantees high-quality semi-finished products to consumers.


That's how we came up with the emotionally vibrant name "IN SHOCK".

The shock comes from the fact that the food is frozen so quickly. To further develop the name in branding, we deliberately did not use the name of the dish. Thus, the first word will always be variable and depend on the specific dish bought. For example, " Dumplings IN SHOCK", "Pancakes with feta IN SHOCK", etc. 

After conducting research, we were convinced that the name is emotionally acceptable to audiences of all ages. It is light and bright. The structure of the design guarantees maximum memorability and interest. The interactivity of this name will quickly contribute to the coverage due to virality. Adding the names of specific dishes at the beginning makes the naming always fresh and not hackneyed.


The color scheme of the identity is a composition of trendy olive and additional colors, which causes associations with freshness, quality, and benefits of the products. We worked on a coherent visual image that would be reflected in the logo, packaging design, menus, shop windows, posters, etc.




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