Alcohol KILLER

The world is drowning in front-row associations. Teeth for dentists, red crosses for doctors, courts for lawyers. Such banal associations grow into identity styles that do not differ from each other. Brands simply drown in banality, the inability to stand out and catch their target audience at first sight.

How do you usually see branding for a law company? Usually, it is something incredibly boring, the same type. And scales, it must have scales!

Gurov&Partners decided to go the other way.


Gurov & Partners Law Company provides legal assistance to small and medium-sized businesses on various issues of commercial and non-commercial activities. It represents clients' interests in the International Court of Arbitration and jurisdiction, helps regulate relations with shareholders and liquidators of limited liability companies, supports multi-level commercial projects, etc.

The company's main goal is to protect the client's interests with a high level of professionalism. Many years of experience and a huge number of successfully conducted cases in various fields help them in this.


Our task was to create a simple, maximally recognizable element that could be used to brand any medium. The symbol should place the necessary accents in communications with a touch of emotionality.

However, with Alcohol Killer you will have a good sleep, which will help to restore strength and quickly remove alcohol from the body.


Our search for the perfect logo wasn't easy. The work began with research and careful analysis of competitors in the field of legal services. Seeing that they all have approximately the same style, we completely rethought the approach to graphics to be able to stand out visually. The task was to stand out from their range and styles used in the niche.

We created a harmonious logo and brand elements that found their application in a large set of corporate identity elements.


We had to combine the traditional rigor of the legal field with the emotional approach of the brand.

Easily recognizable images, characteristic corporate color, clear shapes and wide possibilities of using the logo provide easy communication with clients.

The logo and brand elements are perfectly adaptable and suitable for both classic corporate documentation and brand communication with the target audience.

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