Seasonality, the fragility of goods, and high competition in the market make the floristic business one of the most difficult. To stay afloat and sell successfully even in such conditions, the brand needs a well-formed strategy. 

Our team knows how to turn an ordinary shop into a successful brand. The best proof of this is our case of creating a brand strategy for the ‘Florry'' flower decor shop.


Florry is a place where emotions are created to express feelings and take important decisions. It is a unique flower shop with a wide range of both floristic and decorative services.


To develop an identity and help Florry to find a unique, modern, relevant image.


Keeping the client's goal in mind, we wanted to create not just a visually beautiful logo. We wanted to create a logo that would not be boring, but would speak to the consumer, and convey the mood and concept of the brand. And this is how we implemented it.


We created an elegant, delicate, light, and minimalistic logo using well-chosen colors and fonts.

The visual feature of the logo is the letter "Y", which resembles both a plant seedling and a decorative element, which once again emphasizes the theme and concept of the store.


Light, communicative design made the ‘Florry'' flower shop noticeable and recognizable. In this way, the visual image provided the company with strong conditions to reach a high level of customer perception, gain a strong position in the market and increase sales share.

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