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Yesterday there was a loud drunkenness, today you have to go to work, and you can hardly get out of bed? Headache, thirst, nausea, and other consequences of crazy parties and celebrations are familiar to many people.

There is a myth that one hundred grams of alcohol for a "hangover" will help to get rid of hangover symptoms. However, this way you will poison the body, which is already not feeling good after the party.

However, with Alcohol Killer you will have a good sleep, which will help to restore strength and quickly remove alcohol from the body.

In short, if you've had too much to drink, it's always a good idea to have a bottle or two of Alcohol Killer at home. It will help you to have a nice sunny day after the party. Without a hangover, nausea, heaviness in the head, or other symptoms of alcohol intoxication.


Alcohol Killer is a unique drink that relieves hangover symptoms and helps the body eliminate alcohol 40% faster. It is a slightly carbonated and perfectly balanced drink that combines a pleasant taste of citrus, attractive color, and mild aroma. It is made from carefully selected natural ingredients of the highest quality. It is safe to drink even for pregnant women and has no side effects. The drink does not contain any artificial substances that can adversely affect the body.

The effectiveness of Alcohol Killer was confirmed by clinical studies when consumed on an empty stomach, compared to a placebo. Measurements were made in breath, urine, and blood by an independent laboratory ExperTox, USA, accredited by the Federal Court.

So there can be no doubts about the effectiveness and quality.


To create identity elements, brand the tram, and design social media for the Ukrainian market, based on the existing company logo. And also to develop a promotion strategy, content strategy, and promotional products.


Our main idea was to combine the existing logo of the company with the clear wishes of the client regarding new elements of identity.

We took the colors from the logo deep red, classic black, and shades of gray as corporate colors. Based on the logo fragment, we developed a pattern for the design of promotional products and branding of the tram.

The social media style was also based on the logo elements and color scheme. As a result, Alcohol Killer received a corporate identity that focuses the attention of the client, is perfectly remembered, and conveys the core values.

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